We are a professional organization for certified and classified staff in all Kentucky schools (public and private).  KAPE offers double the liability insurance, legal representation, and representation in Frankfort for less than half the cost of other organizations.  KAPE is NOT a UNION.






Why Join KAPE?

-$2 million in professional liability insurance (per member/per occurrence)

-Excellent legal representation (locally and in threat to your licensure by referral to EPSB)

-Savings of $400 or more per year for double the liability coverage

-Discounts on Life/Auto/Homeowners Insurance

-Scholarships for members and their families

-NO support of political or social agendas

-NO support of political parties or candidates

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Statement on KAPE’s Philosophy

In view of recent events taking place in the state and at the national level, we believe it is necessary to confirm KAPE’s philosophy in taking a stand or promoting any type of social agenda.  We continue to urge all our members to research and study any issue in which you are uncertain, and call the KAPE office if you want us to continue any research for you.  As always, we encourage KAPE members to contact your state and US representatives in legislative matters to voice your opinion.  Always vote, and always know that your vote does count.

KAPE makes no attempt to dictate how our members are to think, feel, believe, support, or vote about any type of social issue, any political candidate, or any topic in which opinions are expressed.  

KAPE Philosophy