Statement on KAPE’s Philosophy

In view of recent events taking place in the state and at the national level, we believe it is necessary to confirm KAPE’s philosophy in taking a stand or promoting any type of social agenda.  We continue to urge all our members to research and study any issue in which you are uncertain and call the KAPE office if you want us to continue any research for you.  As always, we encourage KAPE members to contact your state and US representatives in legislative matters to voice your opinion.  Always vote, and always know that your vote does count.

KAPE makes no attempt to dictate how our members are to think, feel, believe, support, or vote about any type of social issue, any political candidate, or any topic in which opinions are expressed.  Our role and purpose are to monitor legislation and regulation that affects our members and the students which they educate, to speak to legislators to understand how that legislation would affect our members and to always let legislators know how our members would be affected.  We try to keep our members informed about legislation on our website, as well as directing our members how to use legislative websites to contact legislators and monitor the progress of bills and legislation as it proceeds through the process of becoming law.  Any legislation which is evident to produce an adverse effect on our members, their profession, their students, or their schools would definitely be brought to the attention of legislators, as well as our members so that stakeholders could work to improve that legislation.

There is currently discussion to attempt to bring forth plans for charter schools within the state of Kentucky.  Whether charter schools are good or not, is a matter of opinion and interpretation of the data brought forth.  KAPE currently has members who teach in private schools, and we would welcome any educator who is employed in a charter school.  We do not endorse any type of campaign that would urge legislators to allow only public schools or to promote any model of education over another.  KAPE believes that learners and educators are a diverse people, and success of the student overrules any personal belief system.  Therefore, we do not endorse nor disparage any education system, and firmly believe that the education of their children is to be a decision of the parent or guardian who knows their child best.

There is also a campaign abroad to protest the nomination of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of the Department of Education.  Whether or not Ms. DeVos would be a good choice is also a matter of opinion.  KAPE urges our members to research the record of Ms. DeVos, watch her future decisions, and contact your US Congressmen and Senators regarding your personal opinion.  We would also like to point out that there have been other education secretaries who did not have degrees in education, such as Margaret Spellings (serving under Bush), and Richard Riley (serving under Clinton).

Please be aware that a lot of false information is being put out by other teacher organizations, and KAPE does not support nor join in on smear campaigns and the attempt to speak for all our members on such a matter.  We have never, nor will we ever dictate to our members how to vote, or whether or not to support belief systems based on personal opinions.  Please do not hesitate to call our director, Donna House, (606-682-0512), who is a registered lobbyist for KAPE, to discuss any matter which concerns you.