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For a fraction of the cost of other organizations, KAPE offers DOUBLE the liability coverage!  For $200/year you receive $2 million in liability coverage and other benefits.  PLUS, if need for legal representation arises in an employment dispute or threat to your licensure through referral to EPSB, you will have GUARANTEED legal representation until the incident is resolved.  With KAPE, you can love your school and your wallet! 

KAPE Congratulates the 2021

Star Student/Teacher Mentor Scholarship Recipient

KAPE's Director of Field Services, Jennie S. Watkins (pictured far right), Lola Taylor, District Special Education Consultant for the Perry County School System, (pictured on the far left), and Jessica Skaggs, a KAPE member who teaches at West Perry Elementary,(second to the left) joins KAPE in presenting the Star Student/Mentor Scholarship to Isabella Skaggs (pictured second to the right.)  Isabella lives in Hazard, KY with her parents Aric and Jessica Skaggs where she is a senior at Perry County Central High School. She has been a 4.0 honor student every semester of high school. Isabella is a member of The Perry County Central Commodore Players and attended the Governor's School for The Arts in drama. She will attend Morehead State University in the fall where she plans to pursue a major in Theatre Education and a minor in Spanish. Congratulations, Isabella!

Congratulations to KAPE's 2021

Student Teacher Scholarship Winner!

Student teacher winner Ashton Leet (left) from Campbellsville University.  Ashton has been student teaching at Taylor County Primary.  Presenting is KAPE's Director of Field Services, Jennie S. Watkins.

Congratulations to KAPE's 2021 Star Student/Mentor Scholarship Winner!

Star Student Scholarship winner from McCracken County High School Mason Wooten.  Left to Right: KAPE's Director of Field Services,  Jennie Watkins, Mason Wooten, and mentoring teacher Stephanie Hinz, who was also the recipient of a monetary award.

Congratulations to KAPE's 2021 Professional Development Scholarship Winners!

Professional Development Scholarship winner Hannah Molen teaches at Ashland Middle School in Boyd County.  Left to Right: Rhonda Irwin, her mother; Hannah and KAPE's Director of Field Services,  Jennie Watkins

Professional Development Scholarship winner Shannon Richardson teaches at James Lane Allen in Fayette County.  Congratulating her is Principal Mr. Greg Williams, 

The recent US Supreme Court decision in Janus means that public employees are no longer forced to join a union or to pay agency fees as a condition of their job.  Employees must now "opt in" instead of the traditional "opt out" that has been required for years by some districts in the local collective bargaining contracts.  If you have been forced to pay any agency fees to the union, KAPE is collaborating with independents in other states to attempt to recoup that money back to educators.  Contact us with questions!


All teachers are eligible to apply for federal loan forgiveness. No union or association membership is necessary. You do not need a special tool other than a computer and a search engine.  Here are a couple of sites where you can learn more about the process.  Check it out!  and

Really, you do not need anything or anyone else to go-between for this program, as ALL teachers are eligible to apply.  Keep your information private and your personal identifying data safe by not going through a "navigator" or other portals where you cannot be sure the information would not be collected by a third party.  If you have questions, call your individual loan servicer.


We are a professional organization for certified and classified staff in all Kentucky schools (public and private). KAPE offers double the liability insurance, legal representation, and representation in Frankfort for less than half the cost of other organizations. KAPE is NOT a UNION.


    • $2 million in professional liability insurance (per member/per occurrence)
    • Excellent legal representation (locally and in threat to your licensure by referral to EPSB)
    • Savings of $400 or more per year for double the liability coverage
    • Discounts on Life/Auto/Homeowners Insurance
    • Scholarships for members and their families
    • NO support of political or social agendas
    • NO support of political parties or candidates

KAPE Members:  Click here to download our application to share the TRUTH !

All membership is subject to approval.

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